Goats are not right for every piece of land. But—when they are right, they are very right! We offer a free visit to walk your property, evaluate your needs, answer your questions, and determine if goats would be a good choice. We assess the vegetation, make sure we know what your intentions for the property are (there is no one "right" plan for all property), and then provide you with an estimate given the acreage, vegetation, time and materials involved.

When your scheduled date arrives, we move the goats from our farm in Centreville, MD to your property by trailer. We set up portable electric fencing that we provide, being sure to include information and warning notices so that curious passers-by can safely enjoy watching the goats graze. 

In most cases, grazing goats are visited on the job by an Eco-Goats staff member once a day. We check for any problems in fencing (even if a part were to be down, the goats respect that electric deterrent!), evaluate the grazing, and make sure everyone is healthy and happy.

Once finished, we remove the goats and fence. Goat droppings become great fertilizer, so this parting gift is yours to keep! Having been trampled by the goats, it breaks down quickly and becomes rich soil. Depending on the time of year, it is most often absorbed into the land within a week or two.

The goats are just the first step!  We work with landowners to formulate a long-term plan for managing the re-growth and eradication of unwanted and invasive vegetation.  


Traveling with goats we can only go so far... literally. That's why Brian is now available to consult with individuals and civic groups who would like to have their own goats do the work. As a Licensed Professional Forester, as well as a goat hearder, Brian knows what goats can do and what it takes to get the job done. But he also knows what goats can't and should not do-- and how, on the wrong site, or with improper application, goats can actually do environmental harm.

If you live out of the Eco-Goats service area (greater than 150 miles from Annapolis, MD in most cases), Brian can help you get up and running.