WASHINGTON POST MAGAZINE: Are goats the new weed whackers? Plenty of people want them to be. 8/13/2019

In the past decade or so, the Washington region has grown from one goat-landscaping business to at least five within about a three-hour drive. Read the Article

washington post: dinner and a show                                                                       5/25/2018

The Eco-Goats clear invasive vegetation from a vacant lot in Mount Rainier, MD.  The goats were the first step toward turning the lot into a public park for the town.  Read the Article

Washington post: Goats battle the invasion of alien plants                              6/18/2015

The Eco-Goats are part of the long-term management strategy for the community of Belmont's forest retention areas.  Read the Article

FEDERAL NEWS RADIO: Eco-Goats AT CONGRESSIONAL CEMETARY                                 8/13/2013

Eco-Goats clear the vegetation at the Historic Congressional Cemetery. Watch for a before and after look at the goats' progress!   Watch the Video

Press Release, Eco-Goats With Anne Arundel County Dept. of Parks & Recreation

Eco-goats join forces with Anne Arundel Parks and Recreations to offer "Living Lawnmowers" to historic site         Read Full Article